Day 365 – Year End News Bulletin!

Day 365 - Bulletin Board

Today’s photo blog entry (the last for this year’s photo blog project!  Woohoo!) shows my bulletin board where I pin reminders of my activities that I have done throughout the year.  At  the end of the year I take everything down and look through the items to recap what I did for the year. It has been a busy year!


Day 364 – Friendly Trails

Day 364 - Friendly Trails

Today’s photo blog entry shows the trail waved back at us today.

Day 363 – Year End Give Away!

Day 363 - Donations

Today’s photo blog entry is what my trunk looked like after I went to the Durham Rescue Mission and made my trunk full of year end tax deductible donations.  Have you donated today?

Day 362 – Before We Were Famous

Day 362 - Group Picture

Today’s photo blog entry is what I found while cleaning for the holidays:  A picture of me and some friends before we were famous.  (Can you spot me?)  😀

Day 361 – Feed Me!

Day 361 - Audrey II

Today’s photo blog entry is a little “Horror” in a front yard.  🙂

Day 360 – Puzzling Prize

Day 360 - Puzzle

Today’s photo blog entry is the product of Christmas Eve-a-palooza (1000 pieces!)

Day 359 – Starting The Day off Right!

Day 359 - Pancakes

Today’s photo blog entry is how you start Christmas Eve-a-palooza off right!  Homemade pumpkin pancakes, a pear and coffee (toasted macaroon!)!

Day 358 – Kitty Cuddling

Day 358 - Cuddling

Today’s photo blog entry is what passes for “cuddling” with the two fuzzy creatures in my house.

Day 357 – Long Lost Friend

Day 357 - Desk

Today’s photo blog entry is of a long lost friend I haven’t see in a while:  the top of my desk.  😀

Day 356 – Have Yourself a Groovy Little Xmas

Day 356 - Lava Lamp

Today’s photo blog entry is a blast from the past.